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Chelation Therapy


Benefits of Chelation Therapy

Reduces Blood Stickiness or Clotting

EDTA is believed to reduce the blood platelet formation. This makes the blood less "sticky. The blood can now flow through narrow arteries. It can flow through even partially blocked arteries minimizing the effect of the blockage.

Normalizes Abnormal Cholesterol and HDL Levels

There are two types of cholesterol: the good cholesterol called HDL and the bad cholesterol called LDL. What we want is a high amount of HDL in our blood along with a low level of LDL. We also desire a low total cholesterol. Researchers have found that EDTA infusion, combined with vitamin and mineral supplements, raised the good (HDL) cholesterol and lowered the bad (LDL) cholesterol. If the HDL was low, it was raised; however, if it was already high, its level remains the same. Similarly, the LDL was lowered if it was high. EDTA optimizes the ratio of HDL and LDL.

Removes Calcium from the Plaque

EDTA infusion removes the calcium from the blood stream. In a chemical reaction, if you have an area low in concentration of a substance surrounded by an area that is rich in that substance, the substance will diffuse from the enriched area to that which is depleted of it ultimately leveling the concentration. The same thing happens to our body. When the blood is cleaned off the calcium, the calcium from the plaque and the body tissues (That is enriched with it) migrate into the blood. This gets swept away by the new EDTA infusion. This has the effect of removing most of the calcium from the plaque, making it softer and possibly even breaking away chunks of it from the artery walls.

Many people are concerned that this calcium intake may come from the bones rather than from the plaque and body tissues. Chelation therapists strongly suggest that this is not so.

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