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Chelation Therapy


How Is Chelation Therapy Administered?

EDTA Treatment:

Once it has been established that there is a problem which could benefit from EDTA infusion, a series of treatments are scheduled, about two or three times per week. Most chelation centers treat patients in a group setting.

The infusion will usually be administered in a large room with appropriate seating. A needle is inserted into a vein (usually in the hand or forearm, but sometimes on the lower leg). The needle is attached to the container (hung on an adjustable stand), from which is drip­fed about half a liter of fluid over the 3 1/2 hours' duration of each treatment. This liquid will contain 2 to 3 grams of EDTA and whatever additional minerals or supplements the doctor has prescribed for the patient to achieve a balanced blood content.

Other Substances that are administered along with EDTA during Chelation Therapy

During the medical examination of the patient, the practitioner will determine what chemicals, herbs or nutrients can benefit the patient. Accordingly, the EDTA mixture for infusement will be custom prepared.

These additives typically contain a complex of B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium (extremely useful for cardiovascular health) and heparin (an anti­coagulant, which is sometimes used to prevent any clotting at the injection site).

While the infusion is being performed, the arm is kept stable by taping it to a padded board which rests on a cushion for comfort.

In most cases, the EDTA solution is dripped into the bloodstream at a rate of one drop per second. Two to three of such infusions are given each week. The complete treatment consists of anything from 20 (for relatively mild problems) to 30 infusions.

Periodical blood and urine screenings will be done to make sure that the kidney and other organs are operating sufficiently well to cope with the EDTA detoxification.

In rare instances, follow-up infusions will be given. Some patients may undergo as much as 100 infusions.

The EDTA is eliminated from the body, 95 per cent via the kidneys and 5 per cent via the bile, along with the toxic metals and free ionic calcium which it has locked on to in its transit through the circulatory system.

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